NuTerra Fairtrade Granola

NuTerra Granola Delicious and good for you, NuTerra cereals are also a source of wellness for the small-scale farmers that we partner with, who put all of their know-how into growing top quality ingredients. Made from whole grain oat flakes, our NuTerra Granola cereals represent a significant source of fibre and are low in sodium. At breakfast, they provide the energy needed to get your day off to a good start, in addition to providing 7 essential vitamins and minerals. Try our different flavours: Dark chocolate, Dark chocolate & Hazelnuts or Raisins & Nuts. Every box of NuTerra Granola cereal contains a high proportion of Fairtrade-certified ingredients: cane sugar, cocoa, coconut, raisins, peanuts, almonds or cashews. Commerce that meets Fairtrade standards helps small-scale farmers receive honest pay for their work, in addition to allowing their talents to be recognized and respected. Thanks to this equitable way of doing business, working families enjoy better access to education and health care. By improving the conditions of farmers and their families, fair trade also allows local communities to develop in a dignified and autonomous manner. By choosing our NuTerra Granola cereals, you'll benefit threefold: you'll be eating what you like, you'll be taking care of your well-being, and you'll be contributing to a better world based on sustainable, human-scale development